Not only was my confidence and weight loss given a colossal kick start, I regained my health and sense of self faster that I would have believed possible. - RR, July 2017

The Weight-Loss Blueprint

My unique, easy-to-follow weight-loss blueprint is guaranteed to take you from fed-up and uncomfortable to feeling confident and proud of yourself. 


Flash news! All diet's work! Well, they work for around 2 weeks until you get either 1. Bored, 2. Very hungry, or 3. A life event happens.

No doubt you know someone who has lost weight with Slimming World, Weight-Watchers or even Juicing. But have you ever noticed how most of these people are now on a new diet, or put weight back on? The issue with commercial diets and weight-loss programmes is they rely on you attending a meeting, subscribing to a meal plan or purchasing special food or cooking equipment. They never EMPOWER you. You are made to feel that without their diet system, you cannot win. The weight-loss industry relies on return dieters who famously Yo-Yo, month to month. 

Most people can pin down a time in their life when their weight began to get 'out of control'. Weight-gain happens slowly, on average 2 lbs (1kg) a year. If you are Over 40, your weight gain may have began in your 20's. Two stone of body-fat in 15 years is not uncommon. The question is how to we halt it without using a special diet? And how do we ensure it doesn't return.


The answer is surprisingly simple...


It comes down to having a plan. A simple, clear plan that is designed for you. Not a generic, off the shelf one that everyone else uses. 

You may struggle to see how, with 3 young children, you could possibly take in more new information and find time to have a weekly coaching session? - 'I offer at-home coaching to fit around your life, family and school hours.'

You may wonder how, with a 60 hour working week, hotels and travel, you could possibly find time to eat real food and include some exercise? - 'I design short effective and manageable plans to fit even the busiest of lifestyles that will guarantee you results.

I work with only a small number of people to ensure I can give you my full attention




Who wants a plan they can't understand? Something I have worked really hard on is making this blueprint easy to follow. I want you to be completely clear on how each step works. So ditch the calculators, put the scales in the cupboard and look forward to a simple, step-by-step plan that will transform you from Day 1.


No-one wants to spend 4 hours a day in the gym.  Your time is valuable. I understand how a hectic life can get on top of you; things that were once important get put on the backburner... The Weight-Loss Blueprint is designed to complement your life, not hinder it. We'll maximise the small amount time you do have and leave nothing to chance. 



You mean it works?! Yes, I do! Believe it or not, you can enjoy life without sacrificing your health, your evenings or your social life. This blueprint will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about food and exercise. It will show you how making some small, but very powerful, changes to your daily routine will have a dramatic effect on how you look, move and most importantly, feel.

Contact Josh to book a free consultation and find out what is possible...

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When I first started looking at loosing weight, I was very miserable in myself...After a VERY short discussion, me and my other half decided to go with Josh and begin our journey to weight loss and better health. And what an inspiring journey that was... - LA, Aug 2017

Would you like to understand what the journey looks like?

Then read on...

Step 1 -  We have a short chat on the phone and arrange a time and place to meet for a free consultation

Step 2 - We meet and you explain to me what you need help with. I tell you how I can help you. It's friendly, informal and you'll leave feeling much clearer on the steps you need to take.

Step 3 - You'll begin on The Weight Loss Blueprint and meet weekly with me for a 1-2-1 coaching session. 

Step 4 - We have regular contact between coaching sessions to ensure you are making changes, remaining on track and are happy with your progress. 

Step 5 - You reach your goal, happier, healthier and confident in yourself. You have all the tools you need to maintain you new lifestyle with occasionally support from Me.