“Behaviour is what a man does, not what he thinks, feels, or believes.” Emily Dickinson

I regard myself as curious. I suppose we are all curious about certain things, in one way or another. This blog will attempt to communicate my curiosity into useful content for you, the reader. The topics will revolve broadly around Exercise, Nutrition, Health, Brexit and Trump (the last 2 will never be mentioned again, I only include them as I've recently learned about S.E.O and hope this will make me slightly more visible on Google).

I'll attempt to follow a rough format in each post. A topic will be discussed, examples and cases explored and then a conclusion with some little nuggets of advice. Much like a GCSE physics experiment (less the expertly drawn Bunsen burner). I'm conscious that scientific papers are not everyone's go-to read so I'll refrain from referencing each blog post to death. Instead, If you'd like to know a particular source or reference and the link isn't at the bottom, then please drop me an email.