Josh launched Fearless Training after 10 years of successful coaching and specialist weight-management delivery. Josh is a personable, kind and smart coach who is constantly striving to find the most efficient ways to improve the lives of others. A sucker for detail, Josh will invest as much time and effort as it takes to ensure you receive the best support available to see amazing, sustainable results. 

Josh typically works with people who have tried commercial methods and not achieved the claimed or desired results.  

I can help you:

  • Lose body-fat in a simple, sustainable fashion using real food and behaviour change. 

  • Begin exercise in a structured and safe way to support your health.

  • Transform your physique and performance using a personalised programme.

My Philosophy:

  • An individualised approach, always.

  • Don't rush.

  • Do the basics well, every day.

Contact Josh to book a free consultation and find out what is possible...

Mobile - 07817159952

Email - josh@fearless-training.com